Casino without Swedish license – Step-by-step!

Introduction: What is a Casino Without a Swedish License?

Casinos without a Swedish license are often referred to as offshore casinos, as they operate from outside of Sweden. These casinos are not regulated by the Swedish government and may offer a wider range of games and bonuses than those with a Swedish license.

However, players should be aware that there may be risks associated with playing at offshore casinos, such as lack of protection for players in case of disputes and the possibility of being scammed. It’s important to do your research and make sure the casino you choose has a good reputation and is licensed and regulated by a reputable jurisdiction.

Additionally, players should always read the terms and conditions of a casino carefully before depositing any money, and be aware of any fees or restrictions that may apply.

Why Do Some Casinos Operate Without a Swedish License?

Casinos without a Swedish license are not allowed to offer their services to players located within Sweden. The Swedish government has implemented strict regulations for online gambling in order to protect players and promote responsible gambling. However, this does not mean that players cannot access these casinos from Sweden, but it is not recommended as they would not be protected by Swedish gambling laws.

Casinos without a Swedish license are often located in other countries and are licensed and regulated by different gambling authorities. Some of these casinos may have more lenient regulations and may not offer the same level of player protection as Swedish licensed casinos. It is important to thoroughly research and read reviews before playing at a non-licensed casino to ensure that it is reputable and trustworthy.

Players who choose to play at non-licensed casinos should be aware that they may not have access to the same payment options as they would at a licensed casino. In addition, they may not be able to receive customer support in their native language or have access to Swedish-language versions of the casino’s website.

It is important to note that gambling at unlicensed casinos is illegal in Sweden, and players risk losing their money if the casino is not trustworthy or if they encounter issues with withdrawals. Players who experience issues with non-licensed casinos are not protected by Swedish gambling laws, which means they may not be able to recover their funds if they are unable to resolve the issue with the casino.

Overall, it is recommended that players in Sweden stick to licensed and regulated casinos in order to ensure a safe and secure gambling experience. These casinos are required to meet certain standards and provide a level of player protection that unlicensed casinos may not be able to match. Players should always read reviews and research casinos thoroughly before signing up and depositing money.

Unlicensed online casinos have been a hot topic in Sweden, and there have been ongoing legal issues surrounding these sites. In 2019, Sweden introduced a new gambling regulation which required all operators to hold a license issued by the Swedish Gambling Authority. This regulation was put in place to protect players and ensure responsible gambling practices were being implemented.

Despite the regulation, unlicensed casinos have continued to operate in Sweden, offering players access to a range of games and bonuses. However, playing at an unlicensed casino can be risky, as players have no legal recourse if something goes wrong. Additionally, these casinos may not adhere to the same responsible gambling practices as licensed casinos, which can lead to issues with problem gambling.

The future of unlicensed casinos in Sweden is uncertain, with ongoing discussions about how to regulate and monitor these sites. Some argue that unlicensed casinos should be completely banned, while others believe that stricter regulations and penalties should be put in place to discourage their operation. Regardless of the outcome, it’s important for players to be aware of the risks involved in playing at unlicensed casinos and to only gamble at licensed and regulated sites.

Casinos without a Swedish license

There are many casinos with a Swedish license out there, but where are all the casinos without a Swedish license, and why would you want to play at them? Is there no good reason why you as a casino player should avoid unlicensed casinos and instead focus exclusively on Swedish casinos?u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAt Starwarscasinos we of course have the answer to all these questions and we will also list some of them below. However, there are some important aspects that you as a player should be aware of, if you intend to play at a casino without a Swedish license.

Even if there are just as many casinos without a Swedish license as there are casinos with a Swedish license, if not more, it can be smart to keep track of what a gaming license does for the players.

Betting sites without swedish licenseLaunchedWelcome bonus
1. Bonus Bet – sportsbetting and casino2020No
2. Qbet – Pay N Play casino2021No
3. High Roller Casino – casino with instant banking2021Yes
4. Svenbet – casino and betting with instant deposits2021Yes
5. Bets Amigo – Trustly casino without swedish license2021Yes



If you like new and only want to play at new casinos without a Swedish license, you can easily choose the latest launches from the list above. New casinos without a Swedish license are launched every month and almost every week.

Can Swedes play at casinos without a Swedish license?

Yes, but not in most cases. Sometimes, however, Swedish IP addresses are blocked from gambling and then it usually means that the casino in question is in an application phase with the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate to eventually get a Swedish license. In addition, more and more casinos without a Swedish license have started to port Swedish players who are registered in Sweden. However, if you are Swedish and registered in another country, it is good to play.

Although Swedish players can theoretically and practically play at some unlicensed casinos, a lot of questions remain about how things are with all the rules.

Casino without Gambling Break (Spelpaus) – Fewer restrictions

The restrictions from Spelpaus and Spelinspektionen are some of the many reasons why Swedish players choose to play casino without a break and without a Swedish license instead. Both the game break and the new rules regarding games were added for a good reason. But when there are so many players who do not need top management with different laws and restrictions, they of course choose to play casino without a break instead.

At a casino without a Swedish license, as well as a casino without a break, there are many more opportunities and choices than can be offered at Swedish casinos.

Casino without a license

A casino without a break is an online casino that is not linked to the national game register Spelpaus. So you could summarize it in a short way, but what does it mean in practice?

In practice, this means that you can still play at casinos without a Swedish license and without a game break, even if you have previously turned yourself off from online games at Spelpaus.

Guide: How to play at a casino without a Swedish license

What do you do then to play at a casino without a Swedish license? New players who have only played at Swedish licensed casinos before may have no idea how to play at a casino without a Swedish license in a safe way. Some may even have shut themselves off from playing at Spelpaus by mistake. How should these players be able to play?

Estimated time 1 minute

Tools you need:

– A list of casinos without Swedish license
– Internet connection
– Mobile phone, personal computer, laptop or an iPad

What you need:

– Money
– BankID
– Instant bank payment solutions

How to register at a casino without license

Step 1. Choose a casino without a Swedish license
Choose a casino without a license from our list
Step 2. Select deposit amount / Register
Deposit the amount you want to play for or register an account
Step 3. Choose bonus
Choose bonus if you want one (you often get more chances later)
Step 4. Verify your identity
Verify your identity with BankID (when allowed) or with electricity or water bills to your registered address
Step 5. Get your account approved
Wait until the account is confirmed via email or mobile
Step 6. Start playing!
When you see that your deposited money is in the game balance, you can start playing

BankID at casino without license and Spelpaus

BankID is often used among both gaming breaks and casinos without a license. At Spelpaus, you turn yourself off from all games by verifying yourself with BankID. If you then try to play at a Swedish casino, the casino will first hit the Spelpaus-register with your BankID to see if you are suspended or not. If you are not suspended, you can start playing.

Of course, a casino without spelpaus with BankID does not check with a break before you can start playing. This is because it also does not have a Swedish license. When the casino does not have a Swedish license, the casino does not have to relate to the Swedish rules in the same way.

How does BankID work at casinos without a license?

As Swedish casino players, we almost exclusively want to be able to verify ourselves with BankID when we play. Therefore, it is not so strange that every casino without a Swedish license with BankID is rewarded by Swedish players who have chosen to play unlicensed. Other alternatives are of course as secure as BankID, but nothing is as fast.

When you use your mobile BankID at an unlicensed casino without Spelpaus, you will quickly notice that there are no major differences from their Swedish counterparts. If the deposit method allows BankID to be used for verification of the transaction, you will of course be able to use it.

Pay n play casino without Swedish license

You know just like us that it is not really BankID verifications at any point during the deposit process that is meant when we think of casinos without a Swedish license with BankID. What we are really looking for is the Pay n play concept itself.

Pay n play is developed by the payment service Trustly but has become synonymous with being able to make quick and easy deposits at online casinos. Both at licensed casinos and at casinos without a Swedish license.

You know what it usually looks like: You get to the casino’s home page where you are immediately greeted by a large field where you have to enter how much you want to play for.

When the deposit is then made, you register at the same time because BankID has been used.

This is the simple procedure we are looking for when we want to play casino without a Swedish license with BankID.

Profit tax on casino winnings? – The eternal question

The new gaming law is in place and has been since January 2019. However, this does not mean that it is well worded in any way. Like most laws, it is flexible and adaptable so that it becomes as difficult as possible to get any exact clear text in what is meant.

What about profit tax on casinos without a license?

At the Swedish Tax Agency, you can read about four different game examples and whether you need to pay profit tax on your casino winnings or not. We already know that all casino winnings are tax-free at casinos with a Swedish license, which in turn has served as an incentive for the casinos to obtain a license. In other words, they have acquired the licenses to make themselves as attractive to Swedish players and consumers as possible.

According to the Swedish Tax Agency, however, there is a way that you can use to play at a casino without a license and still avoid paying profit tax.


Tax free Casinos without license

Game example: Pär plays at a casino that is licensed in a gaming market within the EEA (European Economic Area). It has no Swedish gaming license and the casino markets itself in foreign countries and has an indisputable focus on players within the current EEA country (which must not be Sweden in this case).

Now we can take with us three basic and decisive factors about whether Pär needs to pay tax on its casino winnings or not.

  1. The casino does not have a Swedish gaming license
  2. The casino is not aimed at Swedish players
  3. The casino is aimed at players within an EEA country and also has a gaming license from an EEA country

1. The casino does not have a Swedish gaming license

In several cases, profit tax must be paid if the casino in question does not have a Swedish gaming license. But if it is combined with the remaining two factors, it is free to play tax-free.

The important thing is that the casino is not in any way directed and its operations towards Swedish players, and that it has a license from another EEA country whose players it is also exclusively aimed at.

2. The casino is not aimed at Swedish players

That the casino that does not have a Swedish gaming license is also not aimed at Swedish players and consumers can be very difficult to determine and can often be a bit of a question of interpretation. Therefore, you should usually stick to casinos that actually have a Swedish license. One thing they are not allowed to do when they do not have a license is to market themselves on TV, radio or in the public space in Sweden.

What does it look like when a casino “targets” Swedish players?

The clearest way is if the casino uses the Swedish language on its platform, but it could also be calculated if the casino has a small Swedish flag somewhere on the website or if you can choose to get jackpot sums and other offers expressed in SEK, that is. say in Swedish kronor.

The margins are thus very small when it comes to “targeting” or “not targeting” Swedish players. Here it is important to be careful.

3. The casino is licensed from another EEA country

The above points do not matter if the casino does not have a valid gaming license from another EEA country. Such licenses can be the classic MGA license from Malta, the GRA license from Gibraltar and so on.

If the casino is provided from a country outside the EEA, all winnings are taxable. In example the Curacao licensed casinos has a 30% tax level on winnings.

If these three factors interact as we have shown in the example, according to the Swedish Tax Agency, it should be free to avoid paying tax on its casino winnings. Whether the Tax Agency is right or wrong in the matter, you can ask a tax lawyer or alternatively just believe that it is so.

Bonuses at casinos without a Swedish license

Above all, there is a specific difference between playing at casinos without a Swedish license and these are the bonuses.

In Sweden, all casinos may only offer one bonus per player. It’s not the same kind of bonus party it once was. But at unlicensed casinos, it is entirely possible to take advantage of various VIP programs, loyalty bonuses, cashbacks and recurring deposit bonuses.

At Starwarscasinos, however, we are very careful about our fellow human beings and want to promptly remind you why the new bonus rules were added in Sweden. The number of players who ended up in gambling addiction due to invasive bonus offers skyrocketed in the middle of the 2010s and together with Spelpaus, they have now finally started to overcome the problem. Gambling break is another important service you miss if you play at a casino without a Swedish license. You do not want to do that.

Disadvantages of casinos without a Swedish license – Tax slam


The disadvantage of playing at a casino without a license is of course the risk of going on a proper and unwelcome tax slam. If you miss any of the factors we mentioned above, there is always an imminent risk that you will have to open your wallet and pay.

When you declare your casino winnings, you do it in exactly the same way as you declare winnings on capital income, such as share dividends and the like.

Casino without Swedish license – no Spelpaus

Another disadvantage of playing at casinos without a Swedish gaming license is that there is no access to Spelpaus or any of the other anti-gambling tools that are now standard in Swedish casinos. If you are unlucky enough to develop negative gambling patterns and behaviors, there are very few direct aids you can use and take part in before you finally contact an aid organization.

Swedish payment methods do not work without licenses

In order to allow Swedish players to make deposits to their casino using the usual payment methods available in Sweden, such as Swish, the casino must be registered in Sweden and in that case you must also have a Swedish gaming license. Since casinos without a Swedish license do not have any of this, it is not possible to make deposits in the same simple way as you are used to. The ID verification tool BankID does not work for exactly the same reasons either.

If you want to play at non-licensed casinos as a Swede, you must make the deposit by alternatives. One way can be by using e-wallets, “e-wallets”, such as Skrill, Neteller and Jeton and making the deposits from there.

For Swedish players, who are so used to the simple Swish and bankID use, this can come as a complicated and cumbersome obstacle.


Is casino legal in Sweden?

Yes, casino is legal in Sweden. The country boasts of several land based casinos like Casino Cosmopol and also has its own Swedish Gaming Act license; SGA.

Is it legal to play at casinos without a Swedish license?

Yes. You can play at any online casino you want. If you find an unlicensed online casino that accepts Swedish players, you can play at it.

Can I use BankID and Trustly at casinos without a license?

Sometimes. It will usually be difficult to find a casino without a Swedish license with BankID, but in the list above you can find some. Expect other payment methods and ID verifications.

How do I register at a casino without a Swedish license?

If you are unable to verify your identity with BankID, you will in most cases need to submit different documents to achieve the same requirements. This usually applies to a copy of your driving license or passport, as well as an electricity or water bill.

Can I play at a casino without Spelpaus if I have registered for a break?

Yes. Because unlicensed casinos are not affiliated with Spelpaus, you can play with them even if you have personally turned yourself off at Spelpaus. We do not encourage any player who has shut himself off to continue playing.

Are gaming companies without a Swedish license safe to play on?

Yes. If the casino has a license from, for example, Malta or Curacao, it is as safe as a Swedish casino.

How do I deposit money at an unlicensed casino?

Deposits at casinos without a Swedish license can always be made with VISA or Mastercard. In other cases, instant banking, Neteller and Skrill may work.

How do I withdraw my money from an unlicensed casino?

In the same way as you made the deposit. The casino will pay out to the same account from which you made the deposit.

The casino does not pay out my money. What should I do?

If the casino does not pay out your money, you should first contact their customer service and live chat.

Do you need a license to run an online casino?

You may need to obtain a gaming license before you start operating an online gambling website. There are other permits that will depend on the place of your business’s registration and these requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so do plenty research first!


Swedish players can play at casinos without a Swedish license in most cases, but sometimes Swedish IP addresses are blocked. When they are blocked, it is almost always because the casino is obtaining a Swedish license.

If you want to play at a casino without a license, you should be prepared to pay profit tax on your possible casino winnings. It is possible to play at casinos without a license and avoid paying profit tax, but then you must be aware that the casino lives up to some special requirements.

  • Contrary to popular belief, unlicensed casinos from Europe hold licenses from foreign regulators such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and Curacao e-Gaming.
  • Players from Germany, Holland, or Scandinavia are not allowed to advertise in or attract players for these casinos; however they can sign up and play real money games without any legal restriction.
  • Unlicensed online casinos offer better bonuses than licensed ones with lenient self-exclusion programs like ROFUS and Spelpaus.
  • In Iran, casino lovers cannot play other than those that have a Curacao license due to strict regulations around gambling there.
  • These operators undergo thorough scrutiny before getting their license which makes them reliable despite being unlicensed in certain countries/regions of the world.

In summary, we at want to be extra clear that you should be extra careful if you choose to test unlicensed casinos. Although it is possible for Swedish players to do so, and it can be fun to take part in several different types of casino offers, we first and foremost want you to consider casinos with a Swedish license.

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